About Us

Nottingham Public School is located in Ajax, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission statement

Nottingham Public School is dedicated to creating a respectful and caring learning environment where staff, students and the school community can work together to provide opportunities for students to excel and grow into responsible young adults. Links between School and Community foster a welcoming and supportive environment which enhances diversity and commitment to lifelong learning.

Principal’s message                                                                   

Welcome to Nottingham Public School!

It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to a new and exciting school year. Our staff values the Nottingham community and is committed to providing a rich curriculum experience for each student. It is our goal to engage students and parents in a life-long love of learning, and provide growth opportunities through a variety of means, including athletics, arts, community events, and a respect for student voice, and family histories.

We encourage you to attend the SCC meetings, or become involved in another facet of our school. We welcome your presence and value the time that you dedicate to working with small groups of students at school, running special activities, communicating with our staff, attending special events, and supporting student achievement through working with your child at home. You can keep track of school happenings in the newsletter, school website, school sign, and twitter. Classroom communication may be facilitated through student agendas, a class webpage, or other digital means (e.g., Remind). We appreciate the support we get from our families and thank our teachers for their professionalism and tireless dedication to all of our children.

Andrea Peel - Principal

Kim Bourque - Vice Principal